Institutional Change

We Must Act Now Part 4: Heaven And Hell And Right Now

There’s a great old allegory that crosses the religious and cultural boundaries of the East and West. Some details vary, but the message is identical. There are two rooms, one representing Hell and the other Heaven. Everything in the rooms is identical. There are tables, sumptuously covered with delectable food, with people seated around the […]

We Must Act Now Part 3: When Demonizing Marks Dialogue

When demonizing marks dialogue, you can know that change is imminent. We are desperately trying to hold on to outdated and inadequate answers to questions of culture, and as yet don’t see the need for new perspective. We build straw men of issues that are no longer relevant and shout louder because our sermonizing is falling on ears that […]

We Must Act Now, Part 1: Here We Go!

Don’t you love the word “modern”? If you see it on a sign for a motel, it means dated. Fifties or sixties maybe, but not current. It was the last of the descriptors of the Era of Enlightenment that denoted a period of stability. We did things a certain way. “Modern” was short-lived, because it was […]