Living Our Design

Make the World Better

How to Make the World A Better Place

I will be content to die if I know I have sung my whole song. Our songs are the lives ...
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Apostle Paul

It’s Too Bad Paul Didn’t Have Facebook

Frustration brings out the vocalist in us. A few of you quiet type B’s may not understand this, but those ...
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Replace Perfection with Potential Reach

“Potential Reached” Must Replace “Perfection” in The Vocabularies of Our Minds

The problem with perfection is that we never reach it. That’s universally accepted, and even the most arrogant would not ...
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Still Burning!

I wrote the following four years ago while still pastoring. I was still a year away from hearing “pancreatic cancer” ...
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Do you ever long for something? To be noticed? To be loved? To be well? To be rich? To be ...
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grace writers

Listen To The Grace Writers!

Hey-a question for you: Do you need saving? No…I don’t mean something like…”did you give your life to Jesus?” Or…”did ...
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New Training for New Terrain

Our children are very different from my wife and I and dissimilar from each other as well. This was apparent ...
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