We Must Act Now Part 3: When Demonizing Marks Dialogue

demonizing-marks-dialogueWhen demonizing marks dialogue, you can know that change is imminent.

We are desperately trying to hold on to outdated and inadequate answers to questions of culture, and as yet don’t see the need for new perspective.

We build straw men of issues that are no longer relevant and shout louder because our sermonizing is falling on ears that have tuned us out as they listen to the strident beats of a future drum.

Genetic modifications, artificial intelligence, extended life spans, loss of human supremacy, cessation of wars, living without privacy, explosion of knowledge, and countless other life altering topics are waiting to be confronted and grappled with in a worldwide competition of how to address them for the good of all.

There’s only one outstanding rule that must direct the competition:

  • No solution presented can be selfish.

This is Part 3 of  We Must Act Now Series.
Part 1: Here We Go!
Part 2: It’s Time for Substantive Dialogue!

We must leave the age of selfish gain behind and step into a realm of selflessness that we know humanity is capable of. Heroism must become the norm. We will not survive unless we choose this as the sword we will fall on in the battle for our future.

Selfish egos, self-preservation, pride and greed must be subdued. They truly have become the sins of death on a global scale.

If we are to continue evolving, the new mark of fitness to survive will be selflessness.

Can we steel ourselves to mount that precipice or will we succumb to the softness of our comfortable selfishness and plunge into the abyss?

We must become so convinced of this essential new norm of humanity that it becomes our clamor, our life-blood, and our revolution if it is resisted.

We love it! It is the gist of our favorite stories.

It must become the prevalent human trait if we are to survive and thrive.

If not?… Sayonara

To be continued…

This is Part 3 of  We Must Act Now Series.
Part 1: Here We Go!
Part 2: It’s Time for Substantive Dialogue!



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  1. True Words! We must stop living in a past that is no longer, and perhaps never was. It is past time for us to live with our heads in the sand and and time to courageously move forward by dealing honestly with the issues at hand.

    • Isn’t it amazing how long we can continue to yell that our premises are historically proven best when their continuation only supports our current selfishness. At best these premises portend demise for future generations and keeps us from the very preparation needed to even give us a future.

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