Where would you want your money to go?

This is the first of my in-between posts. I hope you enjoy it.

I love the leveling that’s taking place in the world because of the digital revolution. It’s scary in its speed of change, but it is opening unprecedented opportunity for creativity in good people everywhere. Our previous and still mostly current structure of NGO’s and Not-for Profits has deeply bothered me for many years. The system has needed new thought and transparency and creativity. It has been filled with promises and appeals to good people with minimal results for investments made.

I read both these articles this week. The first one made me so angry I could hardly finish it. The second one gave me great hope!

Red Cross


See what you think. Share your thoughts with the rest of us.

Since I wrote this, Red Cross has responded. I want to be fair to them. Here is their response.

Red Cross Response


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