Reasons For Leaving!



(I wrote this in response to recent blogs written by Thom Schultz about why people are leaving the church. His blogs are thought-provoking. Even though they are written from the “inside” of Christianity, he tries to address issues openly and honestly. His blog can be found at: Holy Soup.)


Many people are leaving.

It’s a cultural thing.

Religion, politics, corporate, education; they’re all bullies.

Power jockeys and control freaks that have forgotten how to listen.

The only things they know how to do are thump their chests, manipulate their environment and control those they need to accomplish their selfish goals.

We’re leaving!

We’re done with the bullying and name-calling and demonizing.

We don’t care if our church or denomination is biggest.

We don’t care if we are Democrat or Republican.

We don’t care if we are absolutely “right” about everything.


Our heroes are people who listen to the voiceless and fight for causes selflessly. They battle for needed cultural change against the bullies who marginalize and control the world for personal gain.

They are people like Jesus, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc and Eva Peron among countless others.

They are not people who would use religion, politics, education or corporate status for personal power, position or profit.

We want conversation and community and discussion that brings action on things that make the world better. We want to live happy, fulfilling lives that are balanced. We want to pass on a better world to our children. We want to be the bearers of good news to people whose lives have been difficult. We want to overcome evil and make the world more like heaven for people.

My great hope as I write this is that enough “dones” will be done with the current structures that are suffocating our world with their selfishness, that new ones can rise that give us hope again.


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