Make the World Better

How to Make the World A Better Place

I will be content to die if I know I have sung my whole song. Our songs are the lives we are designed to live so the world will be a better place after we have passed. We are often told to face our fears, but when it comes to determining that we want to […]

Apostle Paul

It’s Too Bad Paul Didn’t Have Facebook

Frustration brings out the vocalist in us. A few of you quiet type B’s may not understand this, but those of us Type A’s that need to brush our tongue once in a while to clean up what we said that day, do. (Someone should probably come up with a brush for middle fingers and […]

Still Burning!

I wrote the following four years ago while still pastoring. I was still a year away from hearing “pancreatic cancer” pronounced over the love of my life. Retirement wasn’t even in my vocabulary. I thought I could possibly take a wonderful group of people I loved into an untracked era. It was not to be. […]



Do you ever long for something? To be noticed? To be loved? To be well? To be rich? To be wise? For time off? For a true friend? For life to be simple again? (Wow! I think this list could get long.) Usually a personal longing indicates that something is missing from our lives. There […]

grace writers

Listen To The Grace Writers!

Hey-a question for you: Do you need saving? No…I don’t mean something like…”did you give your life to Jesus?” Or…”did you pray the sinner’s prayer?” Strange terminology-this religious talk we use. Many of my prayers are “sinner’s” prayers. i.e.-every time I ask for forgiveness; which in my case is frequently! And: what does it really […]

New Training for New Terrain

Our children are very different from my wife and I and dissimilar from each other as well. This was apparent from the day each of them was born. It was clear that even though there were familial similarities, they each had distinctive design. It was never our goal to somehow end up with clones of […]