How to Make the World A Better Place

Make the World Better

I will be content to die if I know I have sung my whole song.

Our songs are the lives we are designed to live so the world will be a better place after we have passed.

We are often told to face our fears, but when it comes to determining that we want to leave the world a better place, there is a larger foe than fear.

It is selfishness.

It’s in our inter-generational DNA. It always requires a conscious choice to be selfless.

Each of us has a limitless number of forks on the trail of our life. One trail will be selfish and one will be selfless.

Whether our death is hailed as culmination or noted as demise will be determined by our succumbing to the selfish forks in our trail or choosing the more difficult selfless ones.

It is compellingly consequential that we face which trails we will trust before we get very far along the path.

Jesus does it at the start of his ministry.

He heads for the desert, by himself, for testing.

The first thing we learn when we’re all alone is that we are never all alone.

At some point, when we are really hungry, or really lost, or really lonely, or really afraid, we’ll start hearing voices.
The most reasonable sounding ones will offer selfish solutions to our greatest sense of lack.

That’s the devil and he’s speaking to the demons that will keep us from singing our song.

Jesus has a special set of powers. He will not accomplish his purpose if he uses them selfishly.

The choice must be made consciously to live life trusting the always more difficult trails of selflessness. He does it.

That forty days without food set the course for completing a purpose like no other has ever completed.

The world is better.


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  1. One of my favorite authors, Steven Pressfield, describes the Resistance (aka the Devil) as a reliable guide to that selfless path. If you take the path for which the Resistance is strongest, it will be the selfless path and the path to personal growth. Right on Ben!

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