I’m Back!

So, what’s my excuse for not writing on my blog in the last 18 months?

  1. My computer broke.
  2. My arthritis kept me from typing.
  3. I was blown to Oz in a tornado and just got back.
  4. I had a full lobotomy and only now found a replacement brain.
  5. Lizzie (my dog) ate all my blog posts.
  6. I’ve taken a position with the NSA and everything I write is labeled top secret and might jeopardize national security.
  7. I became a secret shopper and was overcome in Macy’s perfume department.
  8. I’ve quit writing to take up rocket science.
  9. I’ve started ghost writing. You just can’t see all my latest blogs.
  10. I’ve started dating (oh wait, I got married) and I can’t do two things at once.
  11. All of the above
  12. None of the above

Please circle the correct answer and turn in your papers after you’ve read the whole blog. (Make sure your full name and date are in the upper right hand corner.)

I’m back!

With the incredible help of Carma Leichty (now Carma BaughmanJ) and Teri Nott I am publishing some of my writing as a Kindle book on Amazon’s site. It’s title is “Untracked”. It will cost you $4.99.

Buy Untracked book from Amazon

Untracked by Ben Baughman

I think you will find this a different experience from reading the blog. Instead of snippets of thought that a blog supports, the book format allows cohesive process for those snippets to be put together like ingredients in a recipe that completes a satisfying meal.

I have started new writing projects that will produce fresh blog posts as well. I hope they are thought provoking and enjoyable for you.

Thanks for showing me that virtue that we all practice while we’re driving:


I will love to hear from old and new friends again!

Ben Baughman


  1. I read “Untracked” — in fact I was the first to review it for Kindle. You should read it, too!

    It’s great!

    Joanne and I enjoyed lunch last week with Ben and Carma and it was really good to see them both again.

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