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Jump the fence with me and make new trails from inside Christianity to the wilderness beauty of following Jesus.

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Untracked by Ben Baughman

What Others Are Saying

“Read this book! It reflects a warm-hearted, open-minded, growing Christian faith that is willing to look at Christian practice with clarity, with honesty, and with love and without the defensiveness that encourages institutional protectiveness.” - Phil T.
“This book is a voice for the growing number of Jesus followers who are fed up with the structure, programs and culture of Western Christianity.” - Paul F.
“The author, a pastor for some 32 years, speaks with firsthand knowledge of how the layers of institution that have been built up around Jesus have left some with a sense of alienation, a sense of not belonging.” - Bill R.
“This is a poetic and powerful call to reclaim the true meaning of what it means to follow Jesus.” - Steve M.

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