Change Needed

Institutional Change

We Must Act Now Part 4: Heaven And Hell And Right Now

There’s a great old allegory that crosses the religious and cultural boundaries of the East and West. Some details vary, ...
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We Must Act Now Part 3: When Demonizing Marks Dialogue

When demonizing marks dialogue, you can know that change is imminent. We are desperately trying to hold on to outdated and ...
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Make the World a Better Place for our Kids

We Must Act Now, Part 2: It’s Time For Substantive Dialogue!

If we want a world for our kids to enjoy, we must act now! The velocity of the freight train ...
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We Must Act Now, Part 1: Here We Go!

Don’t you love the word “modern”? If you see it on a sign for a motel, it means dated. Fifties or ...
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faith for the non religious eyes looking up

Faith for The Non-Religious

I’m not an atheist. I’m not even a good agnostic. I guess that makes me a believer. I’m not religious ...
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The Baseline

If I’m an atheist, I make it clear that I don’t believe in the existence of God. If I’m an ...
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Freeing Jesus From Christianity

He needed freeing once before… From another religion… It changed the world. I hope we can help him escape again ...
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