Who I’m Writing To

I’m writing to those who have religious background in Christianity, but have felt alienated from it, sensed it become irrelevant to their lives or watched it misrepresent their ideas of God.

I am writing to those who have lost trust in the institutions of power around them, including the religious ones.

I am writing to those who either still have or would like to have faith in God, but what we refer to as religion troubles them. Continue reading


Fox News anchor Lauren Green succinctly illustrated why I keep trying to separate from this religion we call Christianity. In an embarrassingly awkward interview with Reza Aslan, the Muslim author of the book “Zealot”, (this is not a discussion on that book), she asks “You’re a Muslim, so why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity?”. Continue reading

Wrong Premise

Assigning more power to something than it was intended to have causes blindness in those who have thus assigned it. Religion in all its forms is prone to this. When whoever is designated as the founder is no longer around, and a certain amount of power is attained, an attempt is made to deify writings that sprang up around the direct or indirect writings of either that leader or his/her early disciples. Continue reading

Still Burning!

I wrote the following four years ago while still pastoring. I was still a year away from hearing “pancreatic cancer” pronounced over the love of my life. Retirement wasn’t even in my vocabulary. I thought I could possibly take a wonderful group of people I loved into an untracked era. It was not to be.

Four years later, no congregation, no weekly pulpit, and only a few who may or may not read it, it still burns inside. This was written for my eyes only, so it may not flow like my other writing, but I would sure like to know if this or anything like it resonates with you. Continue reading